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Mining-bios.eu has been Verified by Metacert Cryptonite


Mining-Bios.eu shop has been verified by Metacert! It is the next step for protecting our customers from SCAM and FAKE websites! When you are shopping in our Mining Bios shop, check your Cryptonite addon! The shield should be green otherwise you aren’t on the right website!

green-shieldMining-bios.eu has green shield verification by Metacert!

If you don’t use Cryptonite, just download the addon from official site! It protects you from known phishing websites and show you the trusted ones like Mining-bios.eu!


You can add Metacert Protocol Bot to your Telegram contacts and check every URL or crypto wallet address! Try /check https://mining-bios.eu

To celebrate this, we have created discount coupon with 15% order total discount!

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