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How To Deposit & Withdraw FIAT Money (GBP/EUR) πŸ’Ά on Binance Jersey to Revolut Debit Card πŸ’³

You all know Binance, but there is also Binance for EU citizens and some other countries called Binance Jersey. After verification you can easily withdraw EUR and GBP to your Revolut account or other bank account and it is free of charge until end of 2019! The minimum limit for withdraw is 120 EUR and you will get whole 120 EUR to your Revolut account without any fees.

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Binance Jersey only supports the following territories or jurisdiction:

Argentina Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) Liechtenstein Singapore
Armenia Finland Lithuania Slovakia
Australia France Luxembourg Slovenia
Austria Germany Macau South Africa
Azerbaijan Gibraltar Malta South Korea
Belgium Greece Mauritius Spain
Brazil Hong Kong Mexico Sweden
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Switzerland
Canada Iceland Netherlands Turkey
Chile Ireland New Zealand United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Croatia Israel Norway United Kingdom (UK)
Cyprus Italy Peru Uruguay
Czech Republic Jamaica Poland
Denmark Jersey Portugal
Estonia Latvia Romania

Before making withdrawals fill your bank account details first

On Revolut you can see your bank details:

  • Click the Top-up button
  • Click change and choose Bank account

Or you can also find it in Profile settings, Account details.

How to manage your withdrawal accounts

  1. Please login to Binance Jersey’s official website https://www.binance.je.
  2. After login, please click [Funds], [Bank Account Management].You will see the bank account which has been already used and/or registered in the past.
  1. To add an additional bank account, please click [Add a Bank Account]. Then the following section will be displayed. Please enter your bank details, and click [Save]. Please make sure to input correct information. If any information is missing/inaccurate, additional fees may incur at intermediary banks. Also, it may take more time for the wire transfer to be credited to your account.mceclip6.png
  2. Then the new bank account is added to the list.Β mceclip7.png
  3. If you want to remove a bank account, please click the trash can logo next to your desired account.

How to withdraw your Fiat currency to your bank account

  1. Please login to Binance Jersey’s official website https://www.binance.je.
  2. After login, please click [Funds], [Withdrawals], and your desired fiat currency. (In this case GBP).mceclip4.png
  3. If you have already conducted a withdrawal or registered your desired bank account, you can select it here. Else, please input your bank information. Then please enter the withdrawal amount and click [Submit].
  4. A popup will be shown, asking your google authentication code. Please type the code.
  5. Your withdrawal request is now submitted. You can check the status at [Funds], [Transaction History].


It might take up to 7 days, for me it was less than 24 hours from withdraw to receive EUR to my Revolut.

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