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Affiliate System for Mining Bios and PBE

You can become referral in new affiliate system and get paid 10% for every customer which buys bios or PBE through your link. For now, it is limited to PBE buys only, might be extended for PRO bios later. There will be also new version of PBE coming out later this month hopefully.

EDIT (11/08/2018): It is now extended for every product on Mining-Bios.eu with 10% rates (that means 0.5 USD for bios, 3 USD for PRO bios and 5.5 USD for PBE). You will get 10% from whole purchase without any limit, so 100 USD customer purchase means 10 USD commission for you. Don’t SPAM ref links everywhere only recommend bios or PBE to those who need it. If I will see SPAM with ref links on forums and chats or get reports about SPAM, I will ban the person or if it will be too much, I will disable whole ref thing!

Payout in all cryptos that are supported for payments (BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC, DOGE,… check the right sidebar for more).


As always you can contact me via e-mail monerobiosedit@gmail.com for more info or if you want some other conditions.

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