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Start DateJuly 12, 2018
End DateJune 15, 2019
1 Month ago

TREEEC WORLD PROJECT means a new economy and a new world based on real values and on cooperation, trust and fairness. Financial and economic crisis made by unbridled speculation and interest-driven politics must have an end.

Cuando Gabriel García Márquez se retira de la vida pública por padecer cáncer linfático, envió una carta de despedida a sus amigos. Abro Hilo :

De mi amiga Eugenia Montiel A. : “he aprendido que un hombre solo tiene derecho de mirar a otro hacia abajo, cuando ha de ayudarle a levantarse”... hermoso !

"#TREEEC wird wichtiger und wertvoller sein, als #Apple, #Google und alle anderen zusammen.
Voll­mundige Ver­sprech­ungen, oder viel­leicht sogar Größen­wahn? Sicher eine pro­voka­tive Ankünd­igung."

Tai Kriegeskotte

#TREEECMONEY #Geld #Welt #Zukunft

In 1989, the cash-strapped Soviet Union paid Pepsi with 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate & a destroyer in exchange for $3 bln worth of Pepsi. This caused Pepsi to become the 6th largest military power in the world for a moment, before they sold the fleet for scrap recycling.

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Price1 TRM = 12 EURSale100,000,000Payment ModeN/A
Minimum Investment2 TRMDistribution100%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap10,000,000 USDHard CapN/A