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ICO NameStarkware
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Human dignity demands that personal information, like medical and forensic data, be hidden from the public. But veils of secrecy designed to preserve privacy may also be abused to cover up lies and deceit by institutions entrusted with Data, unjustly harming citizens and eroding trust in central institutions. Zero knowledge (ZK) proof systems are an ingenious cryptographic solution to this tension between the ideals of personal privacy and institutional integrity, enforcing the latter in a way that does not compromise the former.

Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East
Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West
Co-Founder CEO

STARK 101 SF is a wrap. Thank you everyone who came! If you didn’t make it, videos of talks will soon be on our website. Next up on our calendar: @EliBenSasson at #sbc2020 this coming Wednesday.

Itay Rosenberg, one of our engineers, is finishing up #stark101sf, talking about FRI commitments and the de-commitment phase.

Kineret Segal, one of our engineers, has started the STARK 101 workshop with talks about low degree extension, commitments and polynomials constraints #stark101sf

We are hours away from STARK 101, SF edition - you can still grab a ticket if you’re spontaneous: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stark-101-coming-to-sf-tickets-89058114217

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