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ICO NameRublix
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Until now, the primitive nature of blockchain technology and the lack of on-chain resources have hindered complex blockchain innovation and has posed restrictions on the development of exciting and elaborate DApps. Many blockchain architectures suffer from a number of issues: extensibility, scalability and on-chain data availability. We believe these problems stem from the relationship between two very important parts of the consensus architecture - canonicality and validity - being too closely associated. Furthermore, the use of Oracles adds a centralized party to manage off-chain data which defeats the true purpose of blockchains' core functionality.

CEO & Co-Founder
Lead Developer & Co-Founder
Full Stack Developer

David Waslen, CEO of Rublix Development said that to achieve mainstream adoption, there really needs to be a 3-pronged approach: user experience, education, and regulation.


#ZageBlockchainReport @RublixDev

We're happy to bring you news of today's announcement by Bittrex International regarding their listing of the HedgeTrade token! Read all about it:

HEDG Token Listed with Bittrex International! https://hedgetrade.com/hedg-token-listed-on-bittrex/

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People are always wondering:
Where are the real world blockchain applications?

#ZageBlockchainReport sheds light on 102 blockchain leaders and their projects, like Dave Waslen, CEO of Rublix.

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We are giving away HEDG tokens at this years Consensus 2019 in New York City! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLtXDbrGMbE

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Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution20%RaisedN/A
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