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ICO NameHivemind
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
ICO Time

Hivemind allows users to use their Bitcoin to create and participate in markets for event derivatives (“prediction markets”). Like Bitcoin, Hivemind is a protocol, a set of P2P action-response relationships (like Bluetooth, spoken English, or the rules to Texas hold ‘em) for individuals to either use or ignore.

See the slides and transcript of my Anarchapulco presentation -- now on the @BitcoinHivemind website:

Slides -- https://t.co/JWwNh8XJl1
Transcript -- https://t.co/vCtTAuqB1x

If anyone has video, please let me know and I will add it.

Since 2011, this is the concept I believed to be crucial to adoption. Since 2015, I knew Lightning was the answer. Now we need @BitcoinHivemind to complete the puzzle. https://t.co/gVpeaXI1t3

I predict the next complicated one will be @BitcoinHivemind once we get some sidechains. https://t.co/Cv3jjjzTPE

Come have a listen as @Truthcoin explains @BitcoinHivemind prediction market and its potential with #Bitcoin for affecting change in Part I of this info-packed episode: https://t.co/F6ghkospPX

Very soon! Stay tuned for discussion this Friday evening with @junseth and @DanielKrawisz https://t.co/5eVlZ8vcf1

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