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Start DateAugust 15, 2018
End DateSeptember 15, 2018
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The EVO project creates a decentralized platform for assessing the skills and development of a person. Two directions are consistently developed:

The EVO.Pro is the project direction on creation of the educational and recruitment platform to assess and develop professional skills and personal and business qualities (at the launch stage).

EVO.Live – project direction on human development in other areas of life, including leisure,  sports, creativity, charity, personal development (launch in 2019). Documentation is focused on the EVO.Pro concept, which forms a large-scale self-sufficient solution  for the professional sphere and education, and also creates the foundation for spreading the EVO.Live  concept to all spheres of human life in the future.

Founder, Director of Communications
CEO / Operations

EVO CEO & Founder Dmitry Pesnya has recently given an interview to IQ Coin Ventures YouTube channel.

Watch the full interview here https://t.co/RRei3SKCJR

#EVO #EVOLIVE #EVOPRO #Career #Skills #Education #Evolve #SelfDevelopment

Token turnover. Routes of token circulation on the platform.

Read more https://t.co/sfTA9RsDtN

#EVO #EVOLIVE #EVOPRO #Career #Skills #Education #Evolve #SelfDevelopment

Dear commutiny! We have developed a sustainable financial model analyzed and verified by experts. Read more https://t.co/xluH3qPfyP

Our website https://t.co/aNdKArtrgv

#EVO #EVOLIVE #EVOPRO #Career #Skills #Education #Evolve #SelfDevelopment

EVO team is proud to announce that @TestedTalent, London-based platform providing the finest assessment and recruitment solutions, and EVO have decided to join hands and collaborate on building a Blockchain to connect employers and talent. More details https://t.co/k7NU1gNmyG

We would like to announce the extension of EVO Pre-sale period until July, 31. Public Sale will take place from August, 15 till September, 15. Read full information here https://t.co/mqlt4gm1CX

#EVO #EVOLIVE #EVOPRO #Career #Skills #Education #Evolve #SelfDevelopment

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Price1 ETALON = 1 USDSale54,000,000Payment ModeETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum Investment100 USDDistribution54%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap4,000,000 USDHard Cap8,500,000 USD