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ICO NameCurrent X Change
Start DateDecember 21, 2018
End DateJune 21, 2019

Purple is a triangular cryprovoting system that runs location-based democratic “top charts” for media and more. Purple allows anyone to vote on music, art, media, creations, ideas, and solutions to real-world problems. Content that receives many votes will go on to get more exposure on the system. If content gets to the top of a local chart, it grows up a fractal chain of locations, until the whole world sees it on top of the site.

Founder / System Designer / Chief Visionary
Full-Stack Developer
Security / Blockchain / Full Stack Developer

We updated the share options to have a "copy link" button instead of a telegram share. I realized there was no easy way to copy the link from mobile chrome.

Think I might change the color. Open for suggestions!

We added a new menu to https://t.co/lXP3shCvhO to help you learn all about cXc and where we are going!!

Learn more about the progress of the application in our Dev update posted this morning: https://t.co/LXjhCUer09

Have you posted your music y?

We are adding a "Learn More" menu to the site to better connect with all of you. We invite you to comment questions you have about cXc Music that we could answer here!! #cXcMusic #music #underground #dapps #steem #steemit Experience cXc Music: https://t.co/454HxIsrLP

This is the current state of Hip Hop / Rap instrumentals on https://t.co/lXP3shCvhO.

Tag someone who could use some underground beats from around the globe!!

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Price1.0000 USDSale17,915,904Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution50%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap1,500,000 USDHard Cap15,000,000 USD