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ICO NameCrypto Noda
Start DateAugust 27, 2018
End DateDecember 31, 2018
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Masternode, is a server in a decentralized network. It is used to perform unique functions that normal (incomplete) nodes cannot perform or implement. Direct/immediate transaction or private transfers. Because of their great opportunities such network nodes typically require significant investment to raise the masternode. But then the server operators are encouraged by the cryptocurrency for account for receiving part of the rewards for the block in the blockchain they support. General conditions are difficult to distinguish as each network has its pros and cons, each system approaches payments differently. Some cryptocurrencies pay outremuneration to the operators of the master node in several times a day, while other projects do this once a day.

At the moment, the excitement around the Master node technology is actively growing. Every day more and more people are interested in passive income on this technologies.

Business Development, Co-Founder
Co-Founder, CEO
Technical Director Team Lead, Full-stack developer, blockchain developer.


Crypto Noda is currently looking for investors or contributors, who really like the idea of this project and want to help us implement it in real life.

Masternodes or Mining?
What masternode technology offers:

β€’No need to invest in equipment. Masternode technology is used, which provides both faster confirmation of transactions and anonymization procedure.

From http://cryptonoda.online with love!

You may visit our site for most relevant info regarding project, you may find link to Whitepaper there, you may purchase tokens, look at our team, find all social networks links.

Why 27 201 647?

Thanks to the research, it was decided to allocate 27 201 647 CNOD tokens. Moreover, we are interested in this business is the fact that the reward for the block from the connected masternode is charged immediately.

Don`t forget about Crypto Noda.

Whether you contributed in Crypto Noda or not you may participate in various discussions about the solution we are going to offer all over the internet: in facebbook, twitter, medium, bitcointalk, vkontakte, discord and so on.

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Price0.0657 USDSale1,653,200Payment ModeN/A
Minimum Investment0.05 ETHDistribution65%RaisedUnknown
Soft Cap180 ETHHard Cap400 ETH
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