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Blockchain is a technology fit for solving the verification problem in real estate transaction. Most of all, it can remove the time difference between the transaction and the confirmation of verification. Once a contract is uploaded on the blockchain network in the form of a smart contract, one can simultaneously process payment and transferring of rights by verifying the genuineness of the rights holder from the information received from the public sector at the time of the contract. In terms of allowing such simultaneous processing, blockchain could be an alternative solution to the existing problem.

CEO, Co-founder; Global Business Specialist
COO, Co-founder; Business Model Specialist
Legal Researcher

I just published β€œLondon Tech Week #BitcoinCRE BHOM Presentation Clip and Sketch Clip” https://medium.com/p/london-tech-week-bitcoincre-bhom-presentation-clip-and-sketch-clip-a3e7020a4491

I just published β€œBHOM to Deliver Presentation at London Tech Week on June 14th” https://medium.com/p/bhom-to-deliver-presentation-at-london-tech-week-on-june-14th-2df5c033e6b1

I just published β€œBHOM LAB Demonstrates Decentralized Property Rent Payment With BHM” https://medium.com/p/bhom-lab-demonstrates-decentralized-property-rent-payment-with-bhm-bf11d3c389e6

I just published β€œEOSYS Seoul Meetup Live Stream (by EOS Go)” https://medium.com/p/eosys-seoul-meetup-live-stream-by-eos-go-652095580473

I just published β€œNotice on BHOM’s First Meetup” https://medium.com/p/notice-on-bhoms-first-meetup-3e1c71dd5333

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Price1 ETH = 10,000 BHMSaleN/APayment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETHDistribution27%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard Cap28,000 ETH
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