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ICO NameWhenHub
Start DateMarch 19, 2018
End DateSeptember 19, 2018
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WhenHub has built a platform for connecting consumers to Experts of all kinds via two-way video streams, text, audio, or in person. The main component is “Interface,” a mobile app that is part of a larger service ecosystem called the WhenHub Interface Network (WIN) for which the company has applied for a patent in the United States. The app has already been downloaded over 30,000 times and more than 1,000 transactions between consumers and Experts have already been successfully completed.

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer
Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer

@kcCURE @pfizer guys, because I know few oncologists are keeping up with the rapid advances UTSW are making to provide patients real hope of cure, and to optimize their odds of doing so, may I recommend taking at look at the Interface app at @whenhub to facilitate real world collaboration?

If you have questions about #patents, talk to Greg on WhenHub Interface. He is a #PatentAttorney who drafts new #PatentApplications and office action responses in the computer software and electronics technology fields. https://t.co/DaQ1u616EA #Vaccine #VaccineLaws

Leila T. can help your #dating and #relationships. She is a #DatingCoach & #RelationshipCoach and she practices what she teaches. Talk to her on WhenHub Interface today! https://t.co/mh2f7a2xjJ

Do you have questions about 2 way #RadioCommunications? Talk to Monica on WhenHub Interface. She works with public safety and private sector providing solutions for two way communication needs. https://t.co/bLIqxmtRd8

Want your tech dreams to become reality? Talk to Brett on WhenHub Interface. His clients are Fortune 5000 companies, government offices, medical providers, non-profits, content creators and educators. https://t.co/TrCrSnOlJA #ComputerNetworks

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Price0.10 USDSale350,000,000Payment Mode ETH, Credit Card (all currencies), Bank Wire (all currencies)
Minimum Investment10 USDDistribution34%RaisedUnknown
Soft Cap35 000 000 USDHard Cap40 000 000 USD