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ICO NameThe 4th Pillar
Start DateOctober 15, 2018
End DateOctober 31, 2018
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The 4th Pillar – blockchain based HR&finance hub.

"We aim long-term, changing the way HR & finance works today!"
The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity, their personal decentralized savings crypto fund and at the same time, organizations can send multiple cross-border payments, work-related documentation, recruit based on verified data and help to reduce carbon & ecological footprint with document digitization. The FOUR token serves as main value, connects and fuels the 4th Pillar ecosystem.

Co-founder, CEO
Co-founder, COO
Co-founder, CFO

FOURdx Document Exchange Protocol has the power to connect companies with employees, schools with students, hospitals with their patients and even the states with its citizens. 4th Pillar products - First steps toward digital transformation

Companies are already using different systems for exchanging and storing sensitive electronic documentation. Most of the digital document exchanges run through emails or similar centralised systems, which is not a safe and EU compliant way of eDelivery. https://t.co/X5UJZcfwi4

Up to this day there was no practical document exchange DLT based solutions. We present FOURdx, the first operational document exchange protocol based on DLT. Meet the future, 4THPILLAR-FOURdx is here!

With embedded token teleportation service and multiple transfer option, the FOUR token serves as the fundamental, atomic unit and the main technical component of the 4th Pillar ecosystem. FOUR token serves as main value and gas in a decentralized, token-based ecosystem.

How to use 4THPILLAR document eDelivery; (1) get your FOUR tokens (i.e. GAS), (2) download 4THPILLAR Chrome extension, (3) login, (4) manage, send or receive documents securely through 4THPILLAR blockchain exchange and eDelivery infrastructure.

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Price1 FOUR = 0.1 EURSale152,000,000Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETHDistribution38%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2000000 EURHard Cap12000000 EUR