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ICO NameSkycoin
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA

The original purpose of digital currency was to reinvent the economy so that users could be independently empowered to trade in a peer-to-peer fashion, without interference from centralized powers. At Skycoin, we believe strongly in this mission. That’s why the Skycoin blockchain is designed to benefit all users, not just a select few. With Obelisk, we’re solving the problems inherent in PoW- and PoS-based coins to bring you a decentralized and democratic consensus network.

#Skycoin solves the problems with #Bitcoin transaction fee's, energy intensive mining, privacy and quantum computer resistance. It's also building the new internet with #Skywire #Skyminers #3rdGenBlockchain @Skycoinproject

The revolution is loading..

Hey Skyfleet guess what! Bitbns exchange just listed more trading pairs for SKY.

SKY/AED and SKY/THB are now available for trading. #skycoin #sky @bitbns

In my opinion, @Skycoinproject is much better than competitors;

As a platform for launching blockchain games, apps, smart contracts and ICOs, Skycoin competes with platforms like Ethereum, EOS and NEO. https://t.co/0riUWITFxQ

Imagine yourself in the future, where banks are obsolete...

Money is now held on a little device, which keeps it safer than a steel vault protected by lasers and a mote full of hungry piranhas.

You don't have to imagine for long because the #Skycoin #Skywallet is almost here.

We’re excited to announce that Skycoin is the newest member of the NYC Blockchain Center!

This represents an important step toward the New York Skywire Main-Net launch.

Our first meet up will take place on Thursday, Oct 17th 6-8pm @ the NYC Blockchain Center @blockchain_nyc

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PriceN/ASaleN/APayment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistributionN/ARaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A