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ICO NameShift
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
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Shift is the first next-gen blockchain with a built-in “killer dApp.” While other companies are busy writing whitepapers and raising hundreds of millions of dollars, Shift has been busy working: we have created the backbone of a robust dApp ecosystem, with a strong and democratic dPOS platform of decentralization that can be used by anyone who knows JavaScript. The Phantom dApp with Shift will create a new decentralized web, empowering everyday users and keeping their content safe.


From your computer to the decentralized cloud in 3 minutes. Shift combines distributed IPFS hosting with censorship-resistant blockchain. Video hosting available, now: https://t.co/1yynzKcB1w #dtube #UnstoppableDomains

Having changed the face of the crypto exchange industry, @coinbase is a giant in its field. With sights set on the hosting industry, the Shift Project hopes to follow in your footsteps. To try a major step in the right direction, Lock n' Load at: https://t.co/iFNfhqsSfA

The Shift Project has just launched the latest iteration of its decentralized hosting platform. @bitfinex users can experience distributed and censorship-resistant file storage today with our Lock n' Load technology. Participate in the new Web at: https://t.co/iFNfhqsSfA

You couldn’t ask for a better exchange than @upbitglobal. Thank you so much for supporting the development of the Shift Project. We'd love it if you tried our new decentralized hosting platform. Censorship resistant and easy to use, Lock n' Load at: https://t.co/iFNfhqsSfA

We would be honored if @kucoincom and its users tried out our new interactive storage solution, showcasing how decentralized cloud hosting is being reinvented. No need for smart contracts, no need for a marketplace. Simply Lock n' Load with Shift at: https://t.co/iFNfhqsSfA

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Minimum InvestmentN/ADistributionN/ARaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A