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ICO NameRuden
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
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Ruden Real Estate Online Service Platform is designed for matching real estates sellers and purchasers. With the help of Ruden smart contracts, we will improve the efficiency of real estate transactions and make every transaction tamper-resistant. At the same time, we will tackle the problems such as major geographical restrictions on real estate transactions, limited currency exchange, long transaction cycles and high handling fees. The seller releases the property data that has been confirmed on the platform, and the uploaded data on the platform will be recorded on the blockchain, forming a Ruden smart contract for the property. The property uses the stable currency Yen Coin as its denomination unit. The buyer searches for a suitable real estate through the platform and pays to the smart contract deployed by the real estate. The Ruden Coins will act as tokens in place for transaction fees.

Blockchain technology continues to gain mainstream momentum.

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Ruden is proud to be leading the year of the #LCO.

With the huge support from the community, we will lead the future of real estate using blockchain technology.

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Check our whitepaper to learn more about Ruden:

CCX: https://t.co/hxCWQL6g42

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Price0.0000 USDSale4,000,000,000Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution40%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A