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ICO NamePopChest (PreICO)
Start DateJune 25, 2018
End DateSeptember 10, 2018
3 Months ago
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The POP Network is a decentralized approach to monetized video distribution using direct micropayments and token incentives instead of relying on advertising and paid subscriptions. The result is a system where Creators form direct relationships with their consumers, are liberated creatively, and get economically rewarded in a fair, transparent manner. This new system gives Viewers more choice by making long-tail content economically viable, allows deeper connections with Creators to form, and ensures the people making up the network share in the tokenized value they create rather than having that value funneled to massive, centralized corporations. In the same way Bitcoin, peer-to-peer electronic cash, forces a profound re-examination of the modern financial system, The POP Network is a tectonic shift in how humans create, distribute, and consume media. The POP Network is not simply competition to existing models but rather an entirely new ecosystem.

CEO & Founder
Senior Lead Design

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PriceN/ASale6,555,555,556Payment ModeETH, BTC, USD
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution50%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard Cap40,000,000 USD