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ICO NamePersonal Data Democracy
Start DateJune 16, 2018
End DateSeptember 30, 2018
7 Months ago
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Companies worldwide desperately need to know their customer. They need fundamental human insights about consumers in order to design innovative products and services that fuel desire, which leads to sales. Companies also need precise data from and about consumers to perfectly target marketing and sales activities. Now companies face an arms race in growing demand for consumer data as the world becomes more interconnected and new competitors emerge. This is why data brokerage became a 250 billion USD per year business. The data brokerage industry grew 13.5% in the past 4 years and is expected to grow at the same rate during the next years.

Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO
Software Architecture

Meet The OPIRIA Team!The core team has a proven track record in entrepreneurship w/ 9 experienced world-class software engineers capable of building a serial software product that is used by Fortune500 companies globally. Meet the team here: https://t.co/kbaXavLeyV #Opiria #PDATA

Your Personal Data is Worth Millions. Opiria Lets you Sell your Anonymized Personal Data to Companies Directly for PDATA Token. More details on CCN: #Opiria #PdataToken

❓Do you know what personal data is and how the PDATA ecosystem works? This short YouTube video (https://t.co/W35ipglD1r) explains the functionality of the Opiria Marketplace. Personal data marketplace - this is how it works. Sell your anonymized PDATA tokens
#Opiria #PdataToken

We create a personal data marketplace powered by blockchain where users can sell their anonymized data and take profit directly with PDATA tokens. PDATA makes you count! Watch our vision video here:

#Opiria #PDataToken


Opiria just became a fully verified member of TrustedIn Trading - a global network for businesses. To achieve this a global due diligence investigation of the company and the owners was done and all team members were KYCΒ΄d. https://t.co/UHhznK36K2

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Price1 PDATA = 0.1 USDSaleN/APayment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistributionN/ARaisedN/A
Soft Cap5 000 000 USDHard Cap35 000 000 USD