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ICO NameOut of the Cloud
Start DateSeptember 11, 2018
End DateOctober 19, 2018
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The OutCloud system was first developed solely for use within the private detective agency as a means to securely send case related materials to clients which often included large video, document, audio and image files. Other file sharing services available at the time came with serious security concerns and lacked any form of presentation whatsoever. The existing file sharing services also required the receiver to download files one at a time before they could even be viewed and required the users to grant them many invasive permissions to even use their system. This was simply not an acceptable way of doing business correctly within this specific industry.

CEO & Co-founder
Director of Online Marketing

UPDATE: Kickstarter declined listing us because they do not want to associate with anything crypto or financial instruments. This is fine. We are already working on two other investor venues to hopefully find someone that sees our vision.

Hi all...the distribution will take place by end of month if not sooner. Ill keep you abreast of the distribution status. All you need is an ERC-20 wallet and make a profile in that recognizes our coin. We allegedly have been approached by Binance again. We are soo cautious.

Update: We recently applied to https://t.co/PV90XPFPxC to try to crowdfund the funds we need to continue forward but were rejected because we are involved with "financial instruments" and "ico's". So we are going to try other crowdfunding venues.

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Price1 OUT = 0.15 USDSale700,000,000Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment10 USDDistribution70%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A