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Start DateMay 26, 2022
End DateMay 26, 2022
3 Months ago

O-MEE is a social subscription and NFT Marketplace for Web 3.0.

We’re entering a new era, an ever-changing era. From the metaverse to NFTs, everything is new and it’s coming at us fast. Web 2.0 is starting to seem like a distant memory where we’re still giving away art for hearts and likes. It’s time to re-invent. Unfriend the typical social feeds, unlike shady algorithms, unfollow ads. O-MEE are giving you your independence and equity back so you can experiment, compose and innovate.

The platform allows creators to upload their latest pictures and videos, live stream to their followers or blog their latest moves. Users are able to connect their social media accounts to transfer their latest posts and media content. Plug-in technology allows users to republish and mint content onto their O-MEE profile and is displayed for their followers to like, interact and share. Create and mint new content allowing them to add more exclusive posts for their subscribed followers. All content on the platform can be minted as an NFT and be sold on the NFT marketplace.

O-MEE Platform Features;
- NFT Marketplace: Explore, discover, collect, bid, buy, sell and mint exclusive NFTs and digital artwork.
- Subscription Model: Subscribe to your favourite creators and gain exclusive and unrestricted access to their profile and NFTs with a 0% commission rate on all revenue generated.
- Sociability: Interact, engage and connect with creators and the community.
- Republish Media: Integrated API connectors allows users to republish and mint existing pictures and videos from mainstream media sharing apps.
- DeFi: Staking & Farming
- No Oppressive Algorithms: Be in control of your content feed through their filter tool. You decide what you see.


A little insight into our vision, what we stand for, and why we aim to be the biggest innovators in the Web3, social media, and NFT marketplace landscape.


Make sure to display your NFT collection on your social profile display page.

With our profile gallery, you can exhibit your entire collection to collectors, friends, and the community.

The O-MEE team is happy to announce our new roadmap for 2022 & 2023.

You can follow all our progress on our Gitbook here: https://buff.ly/3cRZtQh

We are building a new creator economy.

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