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ICO NameMonet
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
PlatformSeparate blockchai
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The peer-to-peer economy, where individuals are both consumers and providers of goods and services, is paradoxically built on centralised client-server infrastructure. Attempts at moving these services on public blockchains, to mitigate the trust factor, are very inefficient because they require every node, across the world, to process everybody’s commands. Part of the problem can be addressed by designing more efficient consensus protocols, but the idea of implementing localised services on a global public network is fundamentaly flawed. We suggest a system, based on mobile ad hoc blockchains, whereby groups of people involved in any task or activity can effectively form temporary networks, with their mobile devices, and coordinate themselves without delegating full responsibility to trusted third parties. Users only connect to people they need to be connected to, based on service and location, for the duration of their interaction. The system initially relies on Babble, a consensus module suitable for mobile deployments, and the MONET Hub, a public blockchain providing infrastructure services.

After months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! We invite all community members to visit https://t.co/17Qtq9ZAV1 where you can learn more about #MONET and our current works #opensource #blockchain https://t.co/Lk9BiTBAWY

Hi! We continue our tradition of publishing answers on your questions that were collected in our #AMA form. Our last answers we’ve published here: https://t.co/ERusielR0G Feel free to ask own questions: https://t.co/JipRQz3p5R #blockchain #monet #p2p

Check out the latest #MONET Development update to see the progress we made in the last couple of months. #blockchain #opensource #mobileblockchain https://t.co/IsaHyFJW8H

How about new answers from our β€œAsk me Anything” session? Have a question you’d like to ask MONET co-founders? Go ahead and submit any questions you have. We answer them once in every two weeks. We’d love to hear from you! #blockchain #opensource #ama https://t.co/zSzrtnfcjF

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