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ICO NameJob.com
Start DateTBA
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What most people don’t know is that recruiters get an average of 20% of the first year’s 1 salary for anyone they place in a job, adding up to $150+ billion dollars a year in the USA, and $638 billion globally. That impact comes directly out of companies’ bottom line profits. Instead of potentially re-investing in their business with sales programs, training initiatives or even larger salaries and bonuses, those billions are going into the pockets of recruiters. Recruitment firms ask for a lot of information - personal contact details, work history and skillset. The current industry incentivises gathering and storing of candidate’s private data to be later resold to third parties. But perhaps that’s unfair.

Co-Founder Interoperability Alliance
Cloud and Blockchain Infrastructure Architect, CTO at GoChain
Co-Founder - CEO of ChainVisory

What's the power of Artificial intelligence in recruitment and where will it take us?
https://t.co/9KBWjgtoYz #ArtificialInteligence #recruitment #future

An explanation of how A.I can predict your future that even your grandparents could understand from https://t.co/ipz9dDVoIa CVO & Co-founder @Arran_J_Stewart #ArtificialIntelligence #RecTech https://t.co/VIIHq87No8

Check out CVO and Co-Founder, Arran Stewart's article on AI's bias in recruitment and how to solve it. https://t.co/zuSxgd1S8U

#artificialintelligence #recruitment #thursdaythoughts

Check out this hopeful piece in Bloomberg about how automation makes us efficient AND creates jobs. We are in a new era and the possibilities are endless... #SaturdayThoughts https://t.co/k565IufEFd

Feel like you've been overlooked by an ATS? According to https://t.co/hClobcTBkm Co-Founder Arran Stewart, qualified candidates are overlooked by Applicant Tracking Systems 10% of the time. https://t.co/DKAoNaYZqq #resume #AI #thursdaythoughts

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Price1 JOBTK = 0.065 USD Sale384,615,385 Payment ModeETH, BTC, GO
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution38.46% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,500,000 USD Hard Cap25,000,000 USD