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ICO NameHub
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Whether through messaging systems, online communities, social networks, or the advent of the sharing economy enabled by peer-to-peer marketplaces, Internet applications have provided unprecedented opportunity for billions of users to interact and engage in content, connection and commerce. While such applications have enabled users to come into contact with many more people virtually, a lack of virtual trust between strangers has hindered the realization of greater economic value for users on the Internet.

Founder, CEO
Head of Business Development

CleverXNature & Hub have partnered to enable trading of biochar, plastics, and sustainable outdoor wear collections with attendant reputation data for users and organizations stored via the Hub protocol. Our discovery session was successful and implementation begins soon!

2 Min. Explanation of Hub an incentivized Trust Network created by former LinkedIn Co-founder Eric Ly.

In case you're wondering, I'm not attending the "Crypto Influencer" award in NY on May 17th. They're using my logo in a way that implies I'm attending. I'm not.

Thank you all for growing the Hub Telegram Community to over 3200 members! πŸ˜„ πŸ‘ Join today and earn Hub Tokens in our Airdrop!

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