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ICO NameHerdius
Start DateAugust 18, 2018
End DateTBA

The Herdius platform intends to be a state-of-the-art distributed system. The architecture we envisage leverages some of the most recent technical developments in the space and introduces several innovative elements. We specifically want to design Herdius with the following goals in mind: 

Founder & CEO
Ecosystem & Strategy
Senior Software Engineer

1/2 We deployed our price oracle & hToken contract for hBTC this week onto #Ropsten. With full lock & redeem implemented into our blockchain - you can send anyone BTC on the Ethereum chain for them to easily move it on the Bitcoin chain.

Our weekly dev update is out with lots of exciting things happening. Join our official Discord to read it https://t.co/MbKGhJtn0d

Interested in how Herdius code is built?

Join the Herdius #Discord Channel for discussing and reviewing latest achievements:
Medium: https://t.co/s3rPdVW8Ff

Sign up for Beta Testing:

Learn how a simple trade happens on the Herdius blockchain:

#Herdius #DeFi #Crypto

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PriceN/ASale40,500,000Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution90%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap5.000.000 EURHard Cap30.000.000 EUR