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ICO NameCPChain
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Cyber-Physical Chain (CPChain) deeply integrates blockchain with Internet of Things (IoT) to realize a decentralized and trusted brand-new distributed IoT systems. It can reduce the cost of system interconnection, increase the value of data sharing, and ensure user privacy and system security. CPChain focuses on the scalability, security and real-time issues that blockchain faces in the Internet of Things industry. By combining the three technologies: blockchain, Internet of Things and distributed encryption storage and computing, it builds a new generation of Internet of Things, which can provide entire solutions for data acquisition, sharing and application in IoT industry. CPChain focuses on multi-party data transactions and IoT-big-data-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making applications, establishes multi-faceted trust and heterogeneous data interconnection, and solves the pain points in the industry. Moreover, an explosive and innovative business model of new generation of data sharing is built based on CPChain.


Update on S1 CPChain Pre-Mainnet Reward Program (11/20/2018)

The meet-up tonight with @Everipedia @UnificationUND @chromapolis is a great experience for us. Thanks for the organization! #CPChain


Thanks for the invitation. It is our great honor to be part of the meet-up with @Everipedia @UnificationUND @chromapolis and some other great friends in LA. Tuesday night! Join us! #CPChain

CPChain New York Meet-up is coming this Saturday! For our community in East Coast, don't miss the chance to talk to Shi, COO of CPChain in person!

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