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ICO NameCanabio
Start DateJanuary 01, 2018
End DateDecember 15, 2018
3 Months ago

The essence of our project lies in:
1. establishing biological production of hemp (cannabis for medical use),
2. production of Canabio oil medicine according to our, patented recipe (Canabio TM) and
3. Treating patients by our Canabio TM Therapy
Implementation of the blockchain technology and the Canabiocoin token will provide above stated points into life and bring participating investors profit.

🌿 CanabioPlantationℒ️ - COMING SOON 🌿

➑️ We reserve 10% of dedicate business revenue for charging the revenue pool, which will be distributed among the participants of the CanabioPlantationℒ️ campaign.
⏭ Onboarding information available in September.


Healthy Food for Healthy life
#Canabio https://t.co/u1Hjq6tr6e

Alkaline food is very important, not only during cancer therapy but also in everyday diet
#EatHealthy #CanabioNutritionProgram https://t.co/BoQAg2gOWl

We all know famous "Warburg effect" in oncology. Here are some other tips from Dr. Warburg!
#cancerFreeWorld #CanabioCure https://t.co/7uR4TOfmx8

Canabio & IQCure therapy center
Sveti Martin https://t.co/E31RUEp6vF

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Price1 CNB = 0.40 USDSaleN/APayment ModeETH, BTC
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistributionN/ARaisedN/A
Soft Cap4,000,000 USDHard Cap40,000,000 USD