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ICO NameBonafi
Start DateNovember 05, 2018
End DateDecember 23, 2018
CountryUnited States Of America
1 year ago

Our Crypto-Tag™ does not run on battery. Once scanned by an NFC enabled mobile device, power is sent through the air and the Crypto-Tag™ will automatically authenticate the product.

Founder & CTO

We had a wonderful time interviewing with Emilia Picco from @DisruptorDaily - thank you πŸ™πŸ™ for the opportunity for us to share our solution for #SupplyChain management using #Blockchain


πŸ“£ We are excited to announce and overwhelmingly honored to work with @kobellijewelry, one of the hottest online πŸ’ŽdiamondπŸ’Ž retailer based in Los Angeles, CA. Copycats BEWARE!


Technology and #blockchain is the only answer to fight against counterfeiters!

Bonafi is working tirelessly to make a counterfeit-free world a reality!


#counterfeits #stopthefake #protectyourwallet

Where is your hard earned money going?
Bonafi is working on some real neat stuff to stop online counterfeits!
#counterfeit #supplychain #blockchain #counterfeits


@priceline Charged us TWO NIGHTS + TAXES for canceling something that didnt even exist!! That was completely misrepresented... YOU GUYS OWE me $400+

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