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ICO NameAITrading
Start DateSeptember 04, 2018
End DateOctober 28, 2018
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AI works round-the-clock, collecting millions of financial information data points. It recognizes trading patterns, reveals regularities, formulates ideas, develops possible strategies and suggests it to a trader.

The trader can also enter the AITrading Marketplace where human trading advisors offer their services and the trader can purchase trading advice, copytrading services or even portfolio management services directly from them. Although trading advisors cannot process as much information as the AI, human brains are more flexible in interpreting it. Moreover, the Trading advisors use the AI resources (flow of ideas, analytical tools etc.) to develop their own ideas and strategies making the process more efficient.

The interaction between traders and service providers on the AITrading Marketplace is transparent and reliable thanks to Blockchain. All deals are concluded solely through blockchain-based “smart” contracts. Contract conclusion, even with success fees or penalties, becomes a simple, reliable and largely self-regulated interaction, thereby reducing the risk of non-execution or fraud, as:

• All settlements of ecosystem users are made solely in the proprietary cryptocurrency (AITT), with crypto-wallets built in each account. AITrading can calculate the probability of contract execution and can even “freeze” tokens on the user’s account as an injunctive remedy (in this case all deal participants will be alerted in advance).

• All participants’ actions are logged on blockchain and cannot be changed. The logs are regularly audited by independent auditors and can be checked in case of dispute.

• All participants on the AITrading Marketplace are rated and their rating increases in proportion of their trading success, and vice versa. The results are logged on independent nodes, which makes the rating impossible to change retrospectively.

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Learn more on the Model Architecture used to identify a trading opportunity using #MachineLearning. https://t.co/UPZdFgEleG @aitrading_com @Shirobokov via @antgrasso #AI #Blockchain #FinancialTrading #FutureofTrading #TradingRevolution /v @antgrasso

Here at @aitrading_com, we are working on the Integrated Combination of Human and Machine in the #FinancialTrading using #MachineLearning and #Blockchain. Check what happen when you mix Human + Machine. πŸ€–πŸŽ“ πŸ€– https://t.co/zvtLKqXZEM @Shirobokov via @antgrasso #FutureofTrading

Learn more on the Model Architecture used to identify a trading opportunity using #MachineLearning. https://t.co/VQvKwsoeF0 @aitrading_com @Shirobokov via @antgrasso #AI #Blockchain #FinancialTrading #FutureofTrading #TradingRevolution

Artificial Intelligence can be used in the Financial Market to better identify new opportunities, Here a short list of learning tasks we are using at @aitrading_com. https://t.co/VQvKwsoeF0 @Shirobokov via @antgrasso #MachineLearning #AI #Blockchain #TradingRevolution

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Price1 AITT = 0.30 EURSale80,000,000Payment ModeEUR, BTC, ETH, XRP
Minimum Investment90 EURDistribution73.4%RaisedN/A
Soft Cap6,300,000 EURHard Cap24,000,000 EUR