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ICO NameAira
Start DateTBA
End DateTBA
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Lifestyle Banks, websites aggregators of real estate, medical organizations are ready to purchase data from various citizens sensors. It is better to create a transparent market for those who want to do this, than they will look for other ways to collect this data.

Robonomics network architect
Robotics/IoT developer

Robonomics platform on #Substrate updates: new version 0.6.0 with experimental PoS, finality grandpa and light client mode. Telemetry in @polkadotnetwork :: https://t.co/pVj3fPTmPG ::

.@AIRA_Robonomics team teaches industrial #KUKA manipulator to draw using #EKI interface by @ROSIndustrial:
@KUKAGlobal @KUKA_Press #robotics #ROS #Industry40

Try to imagine that #robot is a human devoid of all his feelings, except for movement, and you should teach such a creature to draw. Check our last article about the robot-artist project here: https://t.co/ndRgNxyknK
#ROS #Robotics #maths #KUKA

Wow! My friends from @ChorusMobility and @AIRA_Robonomics took first place and @NuCypher took third in first Mobi Grand Challenge!
Congratulation, you are building real products! https://t.co/CaZpxu0fqC

πŸ₯³ Congrats @ChorusMobility and @DczdTech who we work with to deliver a vision of Industry 4.0 road space. Thanks to @AIRA_Robonomics blockchain-to-ROS protocol under the hood and to @_TheConstruct_ for rapid simulation and ROS development platform! https://t.co/7QN7wVkEce

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PriceN/ASaleN/APayment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistributionN/ARaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A