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AERGO is a proposed new blockchain protocol, which aims to power both public and private blockchain deployments. Based on Blocko Inc’s (Blocko) experience in providing large-scale, production level private blockchain to recognized enterprise customers, AERGO intends to be purpose-built to enable enterprise architectures based on blockchain by incorporating both new, innovative and established technical approaches to build scalable distributed database systems.

Dear AERGO Community,

We're proud to announce that we've hit 20 Million AERGO staked on our platform. All thanks to you.

This is to securing and voting for the future of our hybrid network πŸ₯‚

Want to stake & vote on our platform? Learn more belowπŸ‘‡

Athena -IDE- Atom-Part 2 ✌️

In this section we will show you how to set up the #Athena IDE on ATOM, writing a test contract, account creation, performing transactions, and deploying and installing contracts.


Read on to get startedπŸ‘‡

BLOCKO is Attending Barcelonas Mobile World Congress (#MWC) 2020 πŸŽ‰

#Blocko is setting up a booth to showcase #blockchain solutions built on #Aergo Enterprise - From Electronic Document Notary (TSA), Identity Identification (DID), and #IoT & Security.


Athena -IDE- Atom -Part 1
Covering the development environment for smart contracts on #AERGO

Check out our latest article πŸ‘‡

#Athena #SmartContracts

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PriceN/ASale150,000,000Payment ModeN/A
Minimum InvestmentN/ADistribution30%RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/AHard CapN/A
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